Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of services do you provide

We are in the business of design and custom installation of home theater solutions, stereo setups and any kind of audio visual equipments such as speakers – active/passive, soundbars, install audio for commercial spaces like restaurants, lounges, offices, gyms, pubs, temples, classrooms, auditoriums, etc. Also we provide home automation and lighting control solutions.

2. Do you provide warranty and after-sales services as well?

Of course ! All our products are covered by genuine manufacturer’s warranty starting from 1 year to upto as many years as the parent brand provides. For eg, Bryston provides a legendary 20 years warranty, Arcam provides for 5 years. Even after warranty period, we are always the single touch point for any kind of after-sales service for our clients. Once they buy from us, they can approach us irrespective of warranty period remaining or not for any aftersales or troubleshooting.

3. Do you provide installation support and on-site consultation?

Yes, we do provide installation services for products procured from us which includes design, on-site consultation, providing blueprint of the setup, and actual physical installation, commissioning, calibration and handover of the systems ensuring client is able to conveniently operate the same. We are available on call anytime for our customers whenever they face any issues anytime.

4. Do you provide discounts and upto what extent?

The prices stated on our website are mostly MRP and we try to remain competitive in the marketspace by offering best possible prices on our products. We encourage our customers to contact us personally (Call 9874700058) to enquire for best offers and discounts for any given brand at any given time.

5. Do you offer products pan India ?

Yes, we do. We can also offer onsite installation support as well.

6. Where can I take demo of your products?

We have a dedicated experience center at 22 Park Street, Kolkata 16 which is in the heart of central Kolkata where customers can drop in and take demo of our brands and products.

7. Do you have demo of all the products mentioned on your website?

It is not possible to provide a demo of every brand and every item we sell. However, we aim to keep some of the best setups which we feel offer best value to our clients in both surround sound and stereo setups. Customers can get an idea about the brands and decide the variant that then best suits their space and budget.

8. Do you take back the products once sold if I want to upgrade?

It solely depends on product condition at that time and salability in the market. We try to help out our customers as best as we can and try to offer a trade-in wherever possible. However, often if we realize the customer is better off selling their existing items on some 3rd party platform like OLX, we make this suggestion as we may not offer as lucrative price that client may get selling through other channels as we need to hold the inventory for long and most customers don’t prefer to buy used products from a store like ours.

9. Do you sell pre-owned or demo sets?

Yes, we may offer if we find the product to be functionally and aesthetically perfect. We , in that case, do make this clear to the client and he understands that he is buying a demo set. Obviously the client tends to get a better bargain in such cases. Since it is also important for us to rotate our inventories, we do come up with schemes often to liquidate our demo inventories at lucrative prices should customers want to avail. You can always check with us personally as to what’s on offer from our demo sets at any given time.

10. What is Dolby Atmos all about and do you suggest this to your clients ? Also can we experience the same at your store?

Dolby Atmos is the latest surround sound format offered by Dolby laboratories wherein there are additional overhead speakers alongwith traditional 5.1 setup, so listener feels surround effects from all angles, even from height. This is now used extensively by film-makers as it offers a more immersive audio to the audience and they feel right in the action. Nowadays even the streaming platforms like Netflix, and Amazon Prime are offering Atmos content in their shows and movies so we do recommend our clients to opt for this as the extra investment in buying a 7 , 9 or 11 channel AVR is totally worth it since now they can actually enjoy such contents from these OTT apps or the Bluray releases that these movies offer.

We do have Atmos setup at our store where customers can experience in upto 7.2.4 format.
The DTS X format is similar to Dolby Atmos. All 7.1 AVRs and above that are for sale offer these formats today.

11. With so many brands and setup options, how can I decide what is best for me?

Well, that’s precisely why we encourage you to pay us a personal visit at our store so you can experience it all live. There is no other way to really ascertain what’s best for you otherwise.

12. Do you offer onsite demo of your products?

No, it is not possible for us to physically move our setups to your location. Moreover, since we have multiple setups on display, it is best for clients to walk in to our store and experience what we have to offer.

13. Does room imperfections play a role? Will the setup I buy sound the same as it does in your store?

It may or may not. While room size, furniture, floor and ceiling materials all have different acoustic feel, and lot of open spaces like corridors, open doors and windows and ambience noise can alter the sound impressions as well. Therefore, we do advise the clients to first make as many acoustic corrections to the rooms before planning a home theater setup. We have experiences that usage of simple materials like thick carpets, light acoustic pannelings also go a long way to make the room acoustically better for surround sound setups. It is not necessary for clients to spend a fortune in acoustic treatment and sound isolation. Just for info, we have ourselves not done any sort of sound proofing or acoustic treatment to our center just so clients can experience our setups in similar manner as it would in their homes.