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We are Kolkata's premium Home Theater Store.

Our mission goes beyond just selling products. It's about ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or needs, can access and enjoy the latest and greatest in AV technology.


Unveiling a realm of sonic excellence and craftsmanship

Immerse yourself in pure sonic bliss with our exquisite audiophile brands and products

Home Cinema Packages

 We understand that choosing the perfect audio-visual setup can be a daunting task, which is why we've made it easier than ever.

Explore our thoughtfully categorized configurations, including the immersive 5.1 surround sound and the breathtaking Dolby Atmos experience.

Customize Your Space Your Way:
With options ranging from On Wall, Satellite, In Wall, Tower, and more, tailoring your home cinema setup to match your aesthetic preferences has never been simpler. Our diverse range ensures that your home cinema not only sounds spectacular but looks stunning too.

Simply click on the button below to explore our home cinema packages today and let us bring the magic of the silver screen to your doorstep!

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Video Testimonials

We did some multiple setups for Hitesh Ahuja at his beautiful bunglow in Ballugunje Circular Road. One setup in his main Living Room - a Dolby Atmos with KEF T Ultra Satellite Speakers and SVS Subs with Marantz 7.2 channel AVR. The other setup comprised of Bowers & Wilkins M1 Satellite 5.1 with LG HU710 Laser Projector on his terrace. The customer was extremely happy with our work and shares his appreciation towards the same. 

Dr. Saumen Basu - Radiation Oncologist, is also an avid cinephile. He happened to approach us for just a Marantz reciever, having obtained our contact from MZ Audio after contacting Marantz USA. MZ Audio referred us as their authorized channel partners in Kolkata. Since then he has bought Marantz Cinema 40 and a second Marantz Cinema 50 AVR along with a full Fyne Audio F500 series setup complete with tower speakers, in ceiling for atmos and also an Optoma UHZ50 laser projector. Hear in his own words all that he has to speak of our services and after sales.  

Mr. Pradip Chopra is a distinguished personality donning many hats. He is the Chairman of P.S. Group, a leading real estate group in Kolkata, Chairman of Ilead Institute of Entrepreneurship and Development and also a producer and actor. We have installed Sonodyne systems at his Ilead auditorium for both live audio as well as cinema. Along with Optoma UHZ50 Projector and 300 inch tab tensioned screen from Suvira. Pradip sir heartily recommends us for our services and audio expertise. Do check out his views about us in this video. 

Mr. Pranay Rai is an eminent public prosecutor practicing law in the Queen of Hills, Darjeeling. He also a hotelier having a beautiful property in Darjeeling. On his visit to Kolkata to especially scout for some sound systems, he happened to hear about us and purchased some systems from us. He is happy to share his experience. 

Amardeep Jaggi, residing at Victoria Vistas having beautiful views of Victoria Memorial from his flat, purchased an Optoma UHD35 4K Projector from us alongwith motorized screen. Hear his views on our service and more. 

Mr. Pratik Basu shares a rather interesting testimony as being an author, he is a man of words. Despite having nearly everything in audio video from before, he went ahead with quite a few purchases, such as an Optoma and a BenQ projector for his Den Room and Bedroom, a Zidoo media player, Naim Muso and more. Hear how we helped him with his audiophile journey.

Siddhant Choudhury was renovating his home and was always fascinated by the idea of having a luxurious Den room as a part of his living space. After exploring lots of places, he zeroed down on us selecting Dali Opticon Speakers in a Dolby Atmos setup. We also automated his entire home with Hogar Controls adding convenience and comfort to his lifestyle. 

Mr. Manoj Jaiswal is the owner of GymX Fitness Studios in Bangur Avenue. This was his second gym, after Kankurgachi, where we also did the sound setup. This time he wanted something even more lavish and adrenaline pumping. So we gave him the LD Systems - 6 speakers and 2 subwoofers with two 4 channel power amplifiers and mixer also from LD Systems. He claims that the music is no less than a lounge and his members really enjoy their workout sessions with the beats. 

Ariendom Banerji is a resident of Uniworld City, a very expansive township in New Town, Rajarhat. He was coordinating with me from Africa, where he was posted at that time and such was the trust and rapport built over phone that he left all the options on me to set things up for him. We gave him the Fyne Audio Speakers with Tonewinner AVR and needless to say, he was really happy with the setup and you can feel his satisfaction coming across in this video. 


Auditro Hi Fi Systems

113A, Matheswartala Road, (Inside iLead Campus), Tangra Kolkata, 700046 

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  +91 98747 00058 (Akshay Mittal)


Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a problem, or just want to let us know how we did, we are interested in hearing from you. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of services do you provide?

We are in the business of design and custom installation of home theater solutions, stereo setups and any kind of audio visual equipments such as speakers – active/passive, soundbars, install audio for commercial spaces like restaurants, lounges, offices, gyms, pubs, temples, classrooms, auditoriums, etc. Also we provide home automation and lighting control solutions.

Do you provide warranty and after-sales services as well?

Of course ! All our products are covered by genuine manufacturer’s warranty starting from 1 year to upto as many years as the parent brand provides. For eg, Bryston provides a legendary 20 years warranty, Arcam provides for 5 years. Even after warranty period, we are always the single touch point for any kind of after-sales service for our clients. Once they buy from us, they can approach us irrespective of warranty period remaining or not for any aftersales or troubleshooting.

Do you provide installation support and on-site consultation?

Yes, we do provide installation services for products procured from us which includes design, on-site consultation, providing blueprint of the setup, and actual physical installation, commissioning, calibration and handover of the systems ensuring client is able to conveniently operate the same. We are available on call anytime for our customers whenever they face any issues anytime.

Do you provide discounts and upto what extent?

The prices stated on our website are mostly MRP and we try to remain competitive in the marketspace by offering best possible prices on our products. We encourage our customers to contact us personally (Call 9874700058) to enquire for best offers and discounts for any given brand at any given time.

Do you offer products pan India ?

Yes, we do. We can also offer onsite installation support as well.

Can I take a demo of any product before I wish to buy?

We have a dedicated experience center where customers can drop in and take demo of our brands and products.

However, it is not possible to provide a demo of every brand and every item we sell. We aim to keep some of the best setups which we feel offer best value to our clients in both surround sound and stereo setups. Customers can get an idea about the brands and decide the variant that then best suits their space and budget.

Do you take back the products once sold if I want to upgrade?

It solely depends on product condition at that time and salability in the market. We try to help out our customers as best as we can and try to offer a trade-in wherever possible. However, often if we realize the customer is better off selling their existing items on some 3rd party platform like OLX, we make this suggestion as we may not offer as lucrative price that client may get selling through other channels as we need to hold the inventory for long and most customers don’t prefer to buy used products from a store like ours.

Do you sell pre-owned or demo sets?

Yes, we may offer if we find the product to be functionally and aesthetically perfect. We , in that case, do make this clear to the client and he understands that he is buying a demo set. Obviously the client tends to get a better bargain in such cases. Since it is also important for us to rotate our inventories, we do come up with schemes often to liquidate our demo inventories at lucrative prices should customers want to avail. You can always check with us personally as to what’s on offer from our demo sets at any given time.

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