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Passive Loudspeakers

Fronts and Center

These speakers are best suited as Fronts and Centers in Home theater setups and as stereo pair in 2 channel setups.

Towers (95)

Centers (56)

Bookshelf (60)

Custom Installs

These speakers are hidden behind panels allowing to be invisible and can be used in home theater, stereo and atmos applications.

In-Wall (44)

In-Ceiling Speaker (103)

On Walls

Can be used for wide range of placements like Fronts, Surrounds, and Atmos. The small satellite speakers are best configured as a compact home theater package rather than 2 channel applications.

Satellite (7)

On Walls (35)

Monopoles (4)

Dipoles (6)

Atmos (11)

Weather Proof

These are more robust speakers which can fairly withstand moderate to harsh weather conditions including rains and moisture. Application ranging from outdoor terrace gardens to cafes and porches or any other outdoor and indoor applications

Wall Mounted (30)

Garden Speakers (8)

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