Audica Median IC 125


 2-way, low profile, premium ceiling
loudspeaker. 19mm dome high frequency drive
unit. 134mm low frequency drive unit.

Drive units

1 x 19mm dome high frequency drive unit

1 x 134mm low frequency drive unit

Frequency response

75Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB

HF control

+3dB / 0dB / –3dB

Power Handling



12 Ohm


120 degrees Horizontal –6dB at 6kHz


White grille


4 swing-out clamps

Dimensions (mm)

204mm diameter x 83mm deep



The Median IC 125 from Audica Professional is a premium ceiling loudspeaker designed for applications where high fidelity audio quality is a primary requirement. The open back design saves depth and weight for installations where a sealed enclosure (back-can) is not required.

The IC 125 features a swivel HF unit, to direct the sound to the required listening area, and incorporate an HF cut/boost control to shape the frequency response for the application or room acoustics.

The loudspeaker is quick to install with swing out legs for secure fitting and the ultra-low profile grille is magnetically mounted for a fast fit and a clean, discreet appearance.

Requiring no signal processing, the Median IC 165 loudspeakers is ideally suited for use in systems with the Audica Professional MULTIzone controller (EQ setting flat) and the MICROplus power amplifier.




Median Series


Product Type

In Ceiling Speaker


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