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BEOLAB 90 – per piece


State-of-the-art floor standing speakers

Unprecedented power and acoustic performance. Floor standing speakers that seamlessly adapt to your living space and music preferences.

Built for audiophiles

Crafted to meet the needs of even the most discerning of listeners, Beolab 90 brings a truly powerful sound into a home entertainment set up. With no less than 8,200 watts per speaker, 18 premium drivers, 14 channels of ICEpower, 300 watts amplifiers and 4 channels of 1000 watts class D Heliox amplifiers, these speakers ensure music and soundtracks can be enjoyed to their fullest. Learn about the creation of Beolab 90

  • Beolab 90 with Beovision Harmony
  • Beolab 90 with Beovision Harmony
  • Detail of the logo of Beolab 90
  • A pair of Beolab 90 with Beovision Harmony

Intelligent stereo sound

Advanced stereo speakers adapt to your living space and preferred listening experiences to create unforgettable, everyday excellence. With 18 premium drivers and 8.200W per speaker, Beolab 90 has powerful, very high-quality sound for sensational music listening and home entertainment.

Beolab 90 Active Room Compensation

Active Room Compensation

Active Room Compensation acoustically optimises the sound of your speaker to deliver your music perfectly. The technology analyses your room to adjust for speaker placement, as well as walls and furniture, to ensure a sensational listening experience in any room.

Beolab 90 Detail, with black fabric

Beam Width Control

Beam Width Control gives you the power to control the sound dispersion to suit your needs. A narrow sound beam offers precise delivery to a particular listening spot. Wide is perfect for movies, while 360-degree omnidirectional sound is superb for parties.

Beolab 90 in black fabric detail of the base

Beam Direction Control

Created for flexible living spaces, Beolab 90 is designed to ensure you always have a front row seat. Our Beam Direction Control technology lets you define one of five directions as the acoustic front, giving you a tailored sweet spot listening experience.

Beolab 50 and Beolab 90 in  a living room set up

HOME THEATRE SYSTEMLet the sound carry you

Widen the sound stage with Beolab speakers and expand your home cinema experience way beyond your living room. Explore your many options and discover why Bang & Olufsen home theatre systems aren’t just for movies.

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Creating a masterpiece

A floor speaker with the size and complexity of Beolab 90 is quite something to manufacture. The top tower is cast in 10mm thick plastic, and the main cabinet is solidly cast in aluminium. These are fitted together and all the amplifiers and drivers are mounted, the software is then installed and as the last step the “naked” loudspeaker is clad in the semi-transparent fabric and the aluminium crowns are installed.

Designed to perform

Shaped to optimise performance, Beolab 90 has been carefully engineered for the best possible sound every time. The bold design is based on a complex aluminium cabinet with a rock-solid structure, yet its curved wooden base and fabric sails create an aura of lightness.

Advanced features. Simple controls.

The power to harness the mighty Beolab 90 lies in the palm of your hand. Use your Beoremote One, Beoremote Halo or the Bang & Olufsen App to play music, adjust settings and access your presets. You can also control your sound via your Beovision TV, for seamless entertainment experiences.

Personalise your own Beolab 90

When it comes to finalising an aesthetic, every choice counts. So we want to give you the opportunity to be the one making the choices. Pick your favourite materials and colours to make Beolab 90 your own.

Customize Beolab 90 with several possible materials


Beolab 90 sports no less than 18 premium drivers, 14 channels of ICEpower amplifiers and 4 additional class D amplifiers. 8,200 total watts of musical power and precision – per unit.

Recommended Room Size

30-200 m² 300-2000 ft²

Speaker Configuration

Per Speaker: 7 x 1″” Scan-Speak Illuminator tweeter 7 x 4 ½”” Scan-Speak Illuminator mid-range 3 x 10″” Scan-Speak Discovery woofer 1 x 13″” Scan-Speak Revelator front woofer


Per Speaker: 7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X for tweeter 7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X for mid-range 3 x Heliox AM1000-1 for woofer 1 x Heliox AM1000-1 for front woofer

Frequency Range

<12 – >43.000 Hz

Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) @1m

Per pair: 126 dB (SPL)

Bass Capability

Per pair: 123 dB (SPL)

Advanced Sound Features

Adaptive Bass Linearization Advanced Active Room Compensation Beam Direction Control (5 sides) Beam Width Control
Thermal Protection


Noto GmbH


Aluminium Fabric Wood


73.5 W x 125.3 H x 74.7 D cm


Per Speaker: 137 kg

Beolab 90 Dimensions Drawing

Wireless Powerlink / WiSA

Yes (up to 24 bit / 96 kHz)

Physical Connections

Primary Speaker: 1 x RCA (L/R) 1 x MIC / IR 1 x Power Link (RJ45) 1 x S/P DIF (24 bit / 192 kHz) 1 x XLR (L/R) (fully balanced) 1 x Optical (24 bit / 96 kHz) 1 x USB-B (Audio) (24 bit / 192 kHz) 1 x USB-A 2 x Digital Power Link 1 x Digital Power Link / Ethernet 1 x Power

Secondary Speaker: 1 x USB-B (Audio) 1 x USB-A 3 x Digital Power Link 1 x Power


Bang & Olufsen

Product Type

Wireless Speaker


Bronze Tone / Brass Tone / Parisian Night , Silver / Gold / Black

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