Denon DHT-S217 Home Theater Soundbar with DTS Virtual:X and Bluetooth


 The Denon DSW-1H wireless subwoofer connects via Wi-Fi to the Denon DHT-S716H sound bar to add deep, powerful bass you can feel and hear

We, at Auditro Hi-Fi Systems, present the Denon DHT-S216- New. Denon DHT-S216 Home Theater Soundbar with DTS Virtual:X and Bluetooth for enhanced bass and stunningly clear dialogue during TV and movies. As is anticipated from the globally renowned eader in AV receivers, Denon turns any TV into a home entertainment centre with the DHT-S216. The low-profile, wall-mountable soundbar features dynamic built-in down-firing subwoofers, Dolby Digital Decoding and DTS Virtual:X 3D audio technology to create an impactful l home theatre aural experience. Fully compatible with today?s HD and 4K TV?s, the built-in 4K UHD HDMI (1 in / 1 out with ARC) delivers superbly clear images and stellar sound quality. Quickly connect your TV, Blu-ray or other devices through the HDMI (with Audio Return Channel) and Optical and Aux inputs, or easily stream your favourite music via Bluetooth. With two built-in down-firing subwoofers powering dynamic theatre-quality audio in a minimal, low-profile design, the need for a separate subwoofer is completely eliminated.


1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Key Features:

  • Full-range Sound bar with a full driver array and built-in, down-firing subwoofers
  • 4K UHD HDMI with Audio Return Channel
  • Dolby Digital Decoding and DTS Virtual:X
  • Upgrade to 3D Sound
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Denon Dialogue Enhancer
  • Optical digital audio and HDMI 4K UHD inputs
  • 4K HDMI cable included
  • Pure Mode delivers the precise and open sound you expect from a Denon amplifier
  • AUX input (3.5mm)
  • Low-profile design and wall-mountable

Benefits of Denon DHT-S216 Home Theater Soundbar with DTS Virtual:X and Bluetooth:

3D Audio with DTS Virtual:X
3D Audio with DTS Virtual:X

With DTS Virtual:X, the DHT-S216 leverages breakthrough psychoacoustic algorithms to realistically simulate a multi-channel home theatre surround sound speaker system. Indulge in enhanced bass, crystal clear dialogue, and enveloping sound thanks to Virtual Height and Virtual Surround.

4K HDMI with Audio Return Channel
4K HDMI with Audio Return Channel

Send the audio from the streaming apps built into your smart TV and other sources with 4K UHD HDMI (1 in / 1 out with ARC) compatible with 4K/60 Hz and HDCP 2.2 and a single HDMI cable (included in the box).

Bluetooth compatibility, Dolby Digital Decoding with Denon Dialogue Enhancer
Bluetooth compatibility, Dolby Digital Decoding with Denon Dialogue Enhancer?

Your favourite soundtracks at the click of your finger. Pair your smartphone or tablet with the DHT-S216 to easily stream music via Bluetooth. With Dolby Digital decoding, enjoy the surround sound simulation from Blu-ray, game consoles and your TVs streaming apps. Denon Dialogue Enhancer levels up dialogue intelligibility with 3 different modes – perfect for movies and TV shows. You can even turn up the dialogue without having to recalibrate the overall volume.

Pure Mode with Sound Mode for Any Occasion
Pure Mode with Sound Mode for Any Occasion

Pure Mode cuts out the surround processing and eliminates any adjusted characteristics associated with Movie, Music or Night mode, and turns off DTS Virtual:X. The DHT-S216 features pre-set EQ modes optimized for movies, music listening and night mode. Select the Movie mode to notch up the bass of an action scene or to make dialogue sound clearer. Choose the Music mode for a wider soundstage and even dispersion. Or, switch to Night mode for lowered bass and clear dialogue when you want a quieter ambience.

Low-Profile Design and Wall Mountable?with Hassle-Free Installation
Low-Profile Design and Wall Mountable with Easy Setup Experience

At 2″ (60mm) tall, the Denon DHT-S216 easily fits in most spaces and can be placed in front of your TV without intrusively blocking your TV?s bottom edge. It?s also a no-brainer to wall mount with the included mounting template. You can connect the DHT-S216 soundbar to your TV with the supplied HDMI cable or via the Optical input, blazing fast. Once connected via HDMI ARC, you can seamlessly control the soundbar volume with your TV remote.

Technical Specifications of Denon DHT-S216 Home Theater Soundbar with DTS Virtual:X and Bluetooth:

Brand & Model #Denon DHT-S216
  • Acoustic System: 2.0 (6 drivers)
  • HDMI: ARC / CEC: Yes (1x in / 1x out)
  • Digital input: Optical / Coaxial: Yes / No
  • Analog input (3.5mm mini jack): Yes
  • Simple one wire setup: Yes
  • Bluetooh: A2DP / APT-X: Yes / No
  • Dolby Digital decoding / DTS: Yes / Yes
  • DTS Virtual:X: Yes
  • Soundmode Music, Movie: Yes
  • Night listening mode: Yes
  • Denon Dialogue Enhancer: Yes
  • Keyhole style wall mount: Yes
  • Tabletop placement: Yes
  • Control buttons:Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • TV remote learning function: Yes
Available colorBlack
Standby Consumption0.3 W
Auto Power OffYes
Dimensions (W x H x D)890 x 60 x 120 mm





Product Type

Surround Bar


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