Elac AS-61 Stand (Each)


 Bookshelf Speaker Stand (Interport-Coupled Cavity)

ElacStand for AS-61
ELAC Adante Bookshelf Loudspeaker Stands Custom-Made for AS-61 Speakers: Elegant Stands Elevate Speakers to Correct Height, Provide Superb Support, and Increase Focus, Imaging, Stability ELAC ‘s Adante bookshelf loudspeaker stands are not only tailor-made to elevate Adante AS-61 bookshelf speakers to optimum listening levels and provide rock-solid support, they literally raise their performance by increasing focus, stability, and imaging. Featuring hollow aluminum center columns that can be filled with media such as lead shot for additional mass, and a machined 4mm-thick steel base plate, Adante speaker stands come with a steel top plate pre-drilled to correspond and line up with the threaded inserts in the base of each AS-61 . Each stand also includes adjustable locking spikes fitted at each corner of the base for ultimate stability. Sold as single stand only.

  • Elevate Speakers to Correct Height
  • Provide Superb Support
  • Dimensions (HWD): 23.1″ x 13.8″ x 18.1″
  • Increase Focus, Imaging, Stability
  • Single Speaker Stand Custom-Made for AS-61 Speakers


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Mounts and Stands

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