Elac Carina CARINA CC 241


 Centre Channel Speaker (3way, Jet Tweeter, 5.25″ Aluminium Cone)

Vivid Center Channel Performance

Enjoy exciting center channel performance from movies, multi-channel music, and more with the Carina CC 241.4 center speaker from ELAC. It uses a three-way vented box design with a 5-1/4″ aluminum cone woofer, 5-1/4″ aluminum cone midwoofer, and a JET folded ribbon tweeter. It makes movie dialog, effects, and soundtracks vividly come to life and is the perfect partner for other speakers in the ELAC Carina product line.

The CC 241.4 was developed using technology and design principles from the company’s renowned and award winning 240 series.

Building upon the 240’s performance, Carina continues ELACs tradition of utilizing the JET tweeter, chosen for its amazing clarity, dynamics and attack. To match this capability, a new in-house developed proprietary compound curvature aluminum coned woofer is seamlessly blended via a sophisticated multi-element crossover to produce an organic, lifelike sound experience. With its fresh looks and fresh sound, the new Carina is destined to further enhance ELACs class leading reputation.

The BS 243.4 has a frequency range of 50 Hz to 30 kHz and sensitivity of 87dB/2.83V/1m. Recommended amplifier power is 30 to 200 watts-per-channel with peak power handling of 120W watts. Nominal impedance is 6 ohms with minimum impedance of 4.8 ohms. Dimensions are 1 24.41″ x 8.34″ x 7.79″.

An Inspired Andrew Jones Design

“Elacs new Carina series speakers are the first Andrew Jones-designed models from the company to incorporate an air-motion transformer (AMT) tweeter module ” the same type seen in speakers from GoldenEar Technology, MartinLogan, and others,” notes Al Griffin in his January 11, 2019 CES report forsoundandvision.com.

“The woofer features a unique curved design that extends its high-frequency response to provide better integration with the Jet tweeter. A downward firing port on the speakers bottom reduces ventilation noise and permits installation in a bookshelf or against a wall.”

JET Folded Ribbon Tweeter

Delivering true high-definition sound, ELACs JET tweeters enthrall with its lightning-fast response and wide dynamic range, offering minimal distortion, lots of headroom and a wider frequency range. The ELAC JET tweeter is one of the most legendary tweeters in the industry and has won international praise with its transparent and effortless sound image.

Compound Curvature Aluminum Woofer

To match the capabilities of the JET tweeter and guarantee a seamless transition from the woofer to the JET tweeter, the compound curvature cone of the aluminum woofer has been developed to control the cone breakup and move it well beyond the operating range of the woofer. Additionally, a large-diameter voice coil and over-sized vented pole piece magnet combine to give remarkable bass dynamics and a rich powerful performance.

Downward Firing Port

For more cflexibility in speaker placement and to minimize ventilation noise, the bass reflex port on the Carina series is directed to the floor, exiting the bottom of the speaker cabinet in a down-firing configuration.

ELAC’s Carina Series

Carina is a new speaker line from ELAC with simple yet striking looks along with breathtaking sound. Carina matches fresh visual elegance with remarkable sound to bring you what promises to be a new classic in ELACs lineup.




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