Elac Classic WS-1665 (Each)


 The WS 1665 is essentially a 2?-way, bass-reflex floorstanding speaker designed for the wall, and provides an audiophile solution without the usual positioning problems. Equipped with two woofers and the acclaimed JET 5 tweeter. The WS 1665 can also serve as a traditional center loudspeaker in combination with other models.

ELAC WS 1665 Wall Mount Loudspeaker – Each

The ELAC WS 1600 series (wall mounting) series of loudspeakers use the same JET 5 AMT tweeter and AS-XR bass/midrange drive units that are found in the ELAC 400 series loudspeakers. Alongside the high quality cabinet this makes the ELAC WS 1665 the choice for the audiophile who wants high quality performance in a two channel or surround sound system.

Make no mistake the ELAC WS 1665 loudspeaker is not a compromise and is a solution for what many of us suffer, a lack of space.

The JET 5 AMT tweeter offers a very natural and open sound with vocals sounding just as they should with the AS-XR bass/midrange units underpinning the sound. This gives the ELAC WS 1665 a natural full range performance.

Due to the cabinet depth being just 84 mm and a cut out section both horizontally and vertically for cable placement the ELAC WS 1665 can be placed with ease.

Frequency Response48 … 50,000 Hz
Sensitivity89.5 dB / 2.83 V / m
Nominal Impedance5 Ohms
Crossover Frequency600 / 3,600 Hz
Recommended Power20 – 200 Watts
Type2 1/2 -Way, bassreflex
Drive UnitsTweeter: 1 x JET 5, Bass/Midrange: 2 x 115 mm AS -XR cone
Dimensions Each (H x W x D)650 mm x 220 mm x 95 mm (including grill)
Loudspeaker Weight7.8 kg



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