Polk Reserve R350C SYS Center / unit



  Reserve R350 Slim Center Channel LCR Speaker Four 4? Turbine Cones
Minimum Impedance – 3.9? Sensitivity – 87dB
Frequency Response – 75Hz – 35kHz

The Polk Audio Reserve R350 Slim Center Channel LCR Speaker is an incredibly versatile speaker. Use as a traditional centre channel to pack a punch with crisp, clear dialogue or add two additional R350s vertically mounted on each side of your television to create an unobtrusive Left/Right/Center front stage.



3-year manufacturer”s warranty

Key Features:

  • Versatile Placement: Use the R350 as the left, center or right channel in your home theater system; 4-way wall mounts let you mount the speaker horizontally or vertically to easily fit into your space
  • Pinnacle Tweeter: The new ring radiator tweeter design dramatically improves dispersion while delivering clear, crisp, and natural highs
  • Turbine Cone: Four 4″ Turbine woofers deliver smooth and incredibly detailed mid-range imaging
  • Fully Sealed Speaker Enclosure: Eliminates chuffing and distortion for crisp, clear, easy to understand sound

Benefits of Polk Audio Reserve R350 Slim Center Channel LCR Speaker:

Compact Design Facilitates Crisp Dialogue and Unmatched Flexibility
Compact Design Offers Crisp Dialogue and Flexible Use

The Polk Reserve R350 slim centre channel speaker is the perfect discrete speaker for your home theatre. This compact 5″ unit can be easily accommodated anywhere. With a 1″ Pinnacle tweeter and four 4″ Turbine woofers, you get clear, crisp vocals for your favourite movies and shows. With unrivalled versatility, the R350 is also a left/centre/right speaker, so you can use up to three units as your front stage.

HD Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter That Stands Testament to 40 Years of Expertize
High Definition Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter

It boasts 40 years of tweeter innovation, design and prototyping. It has led to the development of the new 1″ high definition Pinnacle ring radiator tweeter. Developed by Polk Audio, it delivers ultraclear, crisp highs without unwanted colouration or distortions. The Pinnacle tweeter is feature-packed with a finely tuned waveguide that dramatically enhances the dispersion of high-frequency energy ensuring a broad “sweet spot” while the critically damped rear-chamber helps cut out any unwanted resonances. Hi-Res certified, the Pinnacle Tweeter is designed for today”s two-channel music listening as well as multi-channel 3D audio found in movies, sports, and video game soundtracks.

4″ Turbine Cone

Polk developed the Turbine cone specifically for our flagship products to ensure the natural reproduction of the mid-range, to which human ears are particularly sensitive. The Turbine cone combines Polk”s proprietary foam core and moulded Turbine geometry. This radically levels up stiffness and damping, without adding mass. With four 4″ Turbine woofers, you will hear every nuance and experience smooth, detailed mid-range and effortless bass.

Crystal Clear Vocals for your Home Theater

The centre channel is the most important speaker in any home theatre setup. The Reserve R350 uses Polk”s latest flagship transducer array to deliver clear, crisp, intelligible dialogue no matter where you sit.

Cabinets Built for Better Performance

Polk believes cabinets should be beautiful and add nothing to the playback. Polk Reserve cabinets, braces, and internal enclosures are carefully engineered to minimize unwanted internal standing waves and eliminate unwanted resonances. The result is a cabinet that robustly holds the transducer array while it faithfully reproduces recordings.

Where to buy”
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Technical Specifications of Polk Audio Reserve R350 Center Speaker:”

Brand & Model #Polk Audio”Reserve R350″
Transducer1″ Ring Radiator
Four 4″ Turbine Cone

Minimum Impedance



Frequency Response

75Hz ” 35kHz

Dimensions”(W x H x D)

762mm” x 141mm x”187.5mm
30″ x 5.5″ x 7.4″


Polk Audio


Reserve Series

Product Type


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