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A top choice for home theater and audiophile music systems, the SB-4000 subwoofer delivers massive SPLs and extreme low frequency extension that will astonish even the most discerning listeners. A high-excursion 13.5-inch driver unleashes immense sonic energy while maintaining pinpoint control and accuracy from a 1,200 watts RMS, 4,000+ watts peak power amplifier featuring fully discrete MOSFET output and Analog Devices most advanced audio DSP. Precise tuning for the SB-4000 is enabled from a subwoofer DSP smartphone app with custom presets.

The deepest bass you’ve heard
Dropping right down to 19Hz and using a mighty 13.5 inch woofer, the AVS SB-4000 delivers possibly the deepest bass you’ve heard. A match for some commercial cinemas, the bass provided by the SB4000 not only effortlessly fills larger rooms with low end punch but also produces bass so low you can truly feel it. With a 1200 watt amplifier and huge driver magnet, the bass is also exceptionally well controlled, giving searing dynamics.

Combined with musical talent
Keeping the sledgehammer power under tight control, the Analog Devices DSP (Digital Signal Processor) gives pinpoint precision and room tuning. It’s thanks to this that the sub never sounds overblown and boomy. A suite of technologies also clean and correct household mains voltage, giving not just stable power but also low noise and low distortion sound.

Smartphone app control
Available for Apple iOS and Android, the SVS control app gives armchair, precision control of your subwoofer. From the comfort of your listening position, you get access to all DSP functions including volume, EQ, low pass filter, phase, polarity, room gain, port tuning, custom presets and system settings. Connecting via Bluetooth, full control is possible even when the subwoofer is out of sight.

Built to stand the test of time
Featuring a highly reinforced cabinet, the SB4000 not only provides resonance-free, low distortion sound but is also built to last. The 2-inch thick front baffle easily supports the massive drive unit and is in it for the long term – despite the massive bass, this is one sub that won’t shake itself to pieces. Choose between Gloss Black or Black Oak finishes for the best match for your room. A non-resonant grille is also supplied, keeping the woofer protected when needed.

Feel every element of the cinema at home, with the SVS SB-4000.




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SVS builds speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories for music and home theater surround sound systems. Proudly engineered in Youngstown, Ohio.
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