Siganture 10 in Mahogany/ Olive/ Palisander/ Piano/ Walnut/ White finish with Cadenza Black cartridge


an uncompromising high-end turntable combining mass-loading with magnetically-floating turntable principles.

High-End Features

10” Tonearm

Single-pivot with SME headshell

This high-end S-shape aluminium tonearm features a non magnetic low resonance construction with minimised bearing friction.

10 kg Platter

Mass loaded aluminium

The 10 kg aluminium platter is TPE damped and sits on an inverted bearing which is magnetically decoupled. The vinyl layer on top is the perfect surface for your record.

Decoupled Feet

Magnetically decoupled

Magnetic fields in the feet ensure effective mechanical decoupling of the entire player from interference.

33/45 RPM

Electronic speed change

Easily change the speed with the push of only a single button. The precision generator ensures the perfect playback speed with the utmost precision.

The wonderfully resonance-free, mass-loaded and TPE damped platter is precision diamond-cut out of a single piece of aluminium. It runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension.

The new 10? single-pivot tonearm with SME headshell is a genuine Pro-Ject design and allows stepless, ?on-the-fly? VTA and mounting distance settings. With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and the number of included counterweights, maximum performance can be extracted out of any cartridge.

Included Accessories

Safe transport

Wooden Box with everything you need

Your Signature 10 comes safe and secure in a big wooden box with everything you need to set it up correctly.

High-End Cable

Connect it 5P-CC

Interconnect cable with earthing wire, 2x RCA phono plugs to 1x 5-pole standard tonearm socket.

Record Puck

405g weight

The sound can be significantly improved, when unwanted resonances between record and platter can be reduced.

Additional Tools

Perfectly equipped & ready for use

Adapter for 7” singles, allen key, spirit level and gloves are also included for a quick & easy setup.

Technical Specifications

Speed33, 45 (electronic speed change)
Motor control systemPrecision generator
Platter10.4 kg, TPE damped
Platter puck405 g
Main bearingCeramic (ball/plate), magnetically decoupled
Tonearm10? single-pivot, alu with SME headshell
Effective arm length254.8 mm
Overhang16 mm
Effective arm mass15.5 g
Suitable cartridge mass4 – 10 g, several counterweights included
Tonearm cable includedPro-Ject Connect it 5P-CC
Power supply16 Volts DC/1600 mA included
Standby power consumption< 1 Watt
Dimensions475 x 195 x 354mm (WxHxD)
Weight23 kg net


Product Type



Signature Line