Zidoo NEO S 4K Hi-end Media Player


Zidoo NEO S 4K Hi-end Media Player

Functional overview:

NEO S is an all-round, high-performance and cost-effective hi-end media player. It provides excellent audio and video quality to users. NEO S is an all-in-one device with functions like HiFi music digital decoding, streaming playback, headphone amplifier functions and movie playback.
NEO S inherits NEO X?s craftsmanship built with a silver aluminum alloy chassis and 5-inch OLED display including a built in SSD, dual ES9068 DACs with MQA, dual digital/analog power supply modules and linear toroidal PSU specifically for the audio circuitry. Realtek RTD1619DR chipset designed specifically for media playback and audio/video quality. ?DR? chipset version incorporating Dolby Vision.

Wonderful Craftsmanship:

Solid chassis with aluminum alloy CNC structure.

Large OLED Display Panel:

5-inch OLED HD display with touch screen.

Anti-vibration design:

Resonance suppressing stiffener structure with shock-absorbing foot pads.

Technological aesthetics:

Professional modular circuit design with unique shielding treatment.

High Speed SSD:

NEO S is equipped with a 256G high speed SSD for local music playback. High-quality music files can be easily stored, data reading is fast and stable. Overheating and noise problems of traditional mechanical hard disks are avoided.

OLED Touch Screen:

The 5-inch OLED high-definition color touch screen is a beautifully embedded full-screen design. allowing quick change of tracks, view album art and change settings without the need for a connected TV/projector. Alternatively Zidoo?s iOS/Android control app performs a similar function remotely.


Separate digital and analog power supplies to eliminate interference which significantly improves sound purity. Toroidal linear power supply for analogue audio circuit only provides stronger power and excellent efficiency, significantly reduces external magnetic field interference and gets better audio quality. Completely separate standard PSU for video circuit.


Separate digital and analog power supplies to eliminate interference which significantly improves sound purity. Toroidal linear power supply for analogue audio circuit only provides stronger power and excellent efficiency, significantly reduces external magnetic field interference and gets better audio quality. Completely separate standard PSU for video circuit.

Multiple digital inputs:

Multiple ports including USB DAC, Optical, Coaxial and AES/EBU inputs supporting various devices like turntables and CD players offering perfect sound quality by the dual high-performance DAC.

Asynchronous USB DAC:

NEO S is a good solution for PC HiFi enthusiasts. USB DAC input supports asynchronous digital signal processing which can be used as a sound card when connected to PC and also a professional USB DAC for IOS/Android phones or tablets via OTG.

High-performance Headphone Amplifier:

NEO S has a designed monitor-level headphone amplifier output module, which supports 4.4 balanced and 6.35 single-ended headphone drivers. Fully-balanced voltage design and graded amplified current provide high current thrust to drive headphones. Two gain modes correspond to different impedance ranges of headphones. The ultimate sound quality is comparable to desktop headphone amplifiers.

Fully Balanced Circuit:

Z1000 Pro supports BT.2020 wide color range which could display 75% nature colors and closer to what human eyes could see, while traditional BT.709 could only display 35% nature colors. It has bright and eye-catching colors, rich and full images, and a better sense of space, three dimension and layering.

HiFi Components:

In order to achieve the monitor-level HiFi sound quality, NEO S adopts high quality circuit design with split immersion gold circuit main board design, 6 operational amplifiers and selected HiFi components such as NICHCON, WIMA and ELNA.

MQA Audio Decoding:

NEO S supports MQA format with full-spec hardware decoding, and obtains the highest decoding and output levels. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. The master MQA file is fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download. NEO S adopts MQA technology to receive and decode MQA audio and provide master-level sound. Visit mqa.co.uk for more information.

Master Tape Music Playback and Decoding:

As a music digital decoder, NEO S supports super high sampling master tape music, supports CD-quality lossless formats like FLAC, WAV, APE, DTS, etc. Supports advanced master tape audio formats like DSD512 (SACD ISO/DFF/DSF/DSD) and MQA. Supports CD playback and CD ripping (external CD-ROM must be connected).

Intelligent Music Library:

NEO S is good at managing music resources, music files from network drives and local hard drive can be added conveniently matching and generating music library databases automatically. Enjoy music collection management and playback in a very easy way.

Multiple Music Streaming Services:

NEO S supports rich network streaming music services like Spotify, Airplay and DLNA. Music in smart phones, computers and tablets can be played by NEO S.

Bluetooth APTX HD:

Qualcomm flagship CSR8675 module supports APTX and LDAC lossless audio compression technology for best quality audio.

CD Ripping and Playback:

NEO S supports CD ripping and playback when connecting with CD-ROM via USB port. The names of albums/songs can be smartly matched by the ID of CD via Hash player App. Ripped files can be stored and managed by ZIDOO Music Player.

4K UHD Image Quality:

NEO S adopts RTD1619 DR hexa-core 64-bit A55 processor. In addition to an efficient and stable system, it is also equipped with 4K UHD decoding and processing technology. BD UHD Blu-ray disc and self-made media files are supported up to 3840 x 2160 60Hz, HDR and BT.2020 wide range.

HDR Technology:

NEO S not only supports ordinary high dynamic range HDR10 and HLG, but also advanced technology HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision metadata processing technology can provide 4000nit peak brightness and 12Bit (around 68 billion) output. Stunning brightness, contrast and natural colors bring excellent image quality.

Wide Color Range:

NEO S can output up to 4K 60P with automatic resolution switching and precise frame rate (23.976) output. RGB, YVU4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 and other color ranges are supported.

Network Sharing Protocols:

NEO S supports multiple network protocols NFS, SMB v1/v2/v3 and UPnP. All files in NAS servers or network drives can be accessed effectively via gigabit LAN. Meanwhile, SMB sharing is supported to share files from local hard disks with other devices.


roon READY, MQA, Hifi Audio. Awards: AVForums 2022,

Mobile Controller App:

NEO S can be controlled by mobile phone and tablet APPs. Mobile phone APPs can display Poster Wall, Music Player and system settings. Program searches and system settings can be done in the background without affecting movie playback.



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Shenzhen Zidoo Technology Co.,Ltd was found in 2014. It is a leading manufacturer of ARM multi-core architecture industrial and consumer electronics, which has a team with more than 40% software and hardware R&D personnel and factory with multi-field technology.They focus on home audio-visual equipment like 4K home theater media player and Hi-Fi audiophile products, more than 80% of which are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.Zidoo released the first 4K UHD player Zidoo X9S in September 2016, it has won wide recognition and praise because of high cost performance and good quality. A series of media players in 2018-2019 have won the best recommendation of domestic and overseas famous professional media forums including AV Forums, China Home Appliances Forum etc. In 2019-2020, the flagship media players UHD2000/UHD3000/NEO X were released with top SOC and professional HiFi audio decoding chip, which meant Zidoo enters into the field of all-round and high-end HiFi media players.
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