Denon DCD-1600NE Premium CD / SACD Player


 Premium CD / SACD player, Advanced AL 32 Processing, 192KHZ / 32 bit DAC, USB input

We, at Auditro Hi-Fi Systems, present the Denon DCD – 1600NE.

Features & Specs


  • Disc Capacity: 1
  • CD Transport Only: No
  • Disc Exchange: N/A
  • Track Programming: 20
  • Random Play: Single Disc
  • Program
  • Disc Naming: No
  • Direct Track Access: Yes
  • Direct Disc Access: N/A
  • Remote: Included
  • Display Color: White
  • Multiple CD Player Control —
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • CD-R Playback: Yes
  • CD-RW Playback: Yes
  • MP3 Playback: Yes
  • SACD Playback: 2-Channel


  • CD Frequency Response : 2-20,000 Hz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 117 dB
  • SACD Frequency Response : 2-100,000 Hz
  • SACD Dynamic Range: 112 dB
  • SACD THD: 0.001 %


  • Analog RCA Output: Yes
  • Analog XLR Output: No
  • Digital Optical Output: Yes
  • Digital Coaxial Output: Yes
  • Headphone Output: No



Product Type

CD Player


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Denon, Japan's original audio brand has been turning ideas into reality for over 110 years. Shaped by an intimate relationship with Japan’s national public broadcaster, NHK, the brand spent its early years developing groundbreaking technologies that would reimagine audio paradigms.Denon quickly established itself as the world's most innovative audio brand, regularly first to deliver new technology. Since then, it has drawn on its rich history to inform countless new developments. After all, it was the brand's Hi-Fi expertise that lead Denon to create the first AV Receivers.Now, from its Audio Works facility in Shirakawa, the brand continues to build on its legacy of technological firsts, exploring new formats, processes, and products.