Emotiva SE12 (Piece) Subwoofer


Active driver: 12? downward firing; Passive radiator: 12? front firing; High Efficiency Class D amplifier with 200 Watt RMS/ 400 Watt Peak; Frequency response: 28 Hz – 200 Hz

If you want the absolute best in sound quality, no system is complete without a high-quality subwoofer. Emotiva Airmotiv Subwoofers are designed to sound great with both music and movies. They combine the raw power necessary to reproduce the sound of a rocket taking off, or the roar of a speeding locomotive, with the precision and finesse you need to hear the subtlest details in a complex bass line.

The Airmotiv SE12 Flex Subwoofer is the newest member of our family of Airmotiv subwoofers. The Airmotiv SE8 and the new Airmotiv SE12 share identical features, but the SE12 is somewhat larger, delivers more power, and has a frequency response that extends lower, allowing even more authority at the lowest frequencies. Each Airmotiv sub includes a downward-firing heavy duty high excursion powered bass driver, a front-mounted performance-matched high excursion passive radiator, and a powerful audiophile quality amplifier. The cabinets on our Airmotiv Flex subwoofers are crafted of heavily braced acoustically inert MDF, with integral shock-absorbing feet, and a durable yet attractive textured vinyl coating. The understated design aesthetic includes an attractive removable sculpted fabric grill and blends well with almost any decor. All of the controls and connections are located conveniently out of sight on the rear panel.

In addition to excellent sound quality, incredible value, and a compact footprint, the Airmotiv SE12 features exceptionally versatile and flexible configuration options. The Airmotiv SE12 can be connected to the LFE output on a home theater preamp/processor or AVR, or to the line outputs on a preamp, or directly to the speaker outputs of an AVR or stereo receiver that doesnt include a separate subwoofer output. Thanks to the Airmotiv SE12s built-in precision electronic crossover it can be used to upgrade virtually any two-channel stereo preamp or DAC with an external amplifier into a fully active 2.1 system. Rear panel controls for Level, Phase, High/Low Crossover Frequency, and Turn-On Mode allow you to configure the SE12 to blend smoothly with any system.

Audiophile Quality Electronics

The efficient, audiophile quality, Class-D amplifier provides 200 watts RMS/400 watts peak power to drive the Airmotiv SE12 to satisfying listening levels.

An effective, transparent audio limiter ensures that the Airmotiv SE12 always sounds good, but is nearly impossible to overdrive.

The SE12 can be configured to remain on, to be switched on manually, or to automatically switch itself on when it senses music at its inputs.

Both speaker level and line-level inputs are included for maximum flexibility and compatibility with all types of systems.

Rear panel controls allow you to configure the Bass Level, High Pass Crossover Frequency, Low Pass Crossover Frequency, and Phase for a perfect match with the rest of your system.

Internal 2.1 channel precision line-level crossover for use with preamps, DACs, and other audio sources that dont otherwise support a subwoofer – allowing you to add fully active bass management to systems that dont already include it.

Simply connect the output of your preamp or DAC to the Flex Sub, and then connect the line-level outputs of the Flex Sub to the inputs of your power amp. Low-frequency content is routed directly to the internal amp on the Flex Sub, while the remainder of the audio spectrum is routed to your main power amp, and are both controlled by the fully active bass management in the Flex Sub.

Everything Starts With Great Drivers

12 heavy-duty long-throw subwoofer with motor assembly, NBR surround, and treated paper cone.

12 passive radiator, with rubber surround, steel frame, and treated paper cone.

A Great Subwoofer Needs A Great Cabinet

A heavy, acoustically inert, internally braced MDF cabinet keeps distracting cabinet noises and vibration to an absolute minimum.

Integral feet, with non-slip decoupling pads, protect delicate floors, and ensure that your Airmotiv SE12 Sub will stay exactly where you want it.

The exterior of the Airmotiv SE12 is covered in attractive yet durable textured finish with a removable cloth covered grill.





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“Why can’t we have amazing audio and video sound at prices that don’t threaten our mortgage?”As high-end audio chased an ever-shrinking market with ever-more-costly gear, the price of sonic nirvana shot out of reach. New enthusiasts shook their heads and thought, “You know, a soundbar and a receiver may not be that bad.”At the same time high-end audio prices were climbing, Dan Laufman and his team were helping some of the best names in audio manufacture their gear. Dan saw the inefficiencies in the system and the ever-climbing prices, and decided to do something about it.The result is Emotiva.
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