Taga Harmony TCW – 190 R Pair


In Ceiling Speakers

Taga Harmony TCW-190R – 5.25 Inches In-Ceiling Speakers



The TCW series provides superior sound performance at amazing price levels. It utilizes very rigid and strong injection-molded polymer chassis which minimizes distortion, vibrations and resonances and specialized mounting brackets that make installation very easy. The speakers can be used in audio and home theatre systems as well as in commercial applications.

Super low-profile bezel, magnetically mounted grill allows the speaker to almost disappear in the room.

Nowadays the expectation from modern installations speakers is not only the great sound but less visibility at the same time. With the TCW series you have both!

The sound is clear, natural, dynamic and provides wide dispersion throughout a listening area, and thanks to slim bezels you are hard to see speakers mounted in the wall or ceiling!


In-ceiling, 2-way
TSLB magnetically mounted grill
TEI mounting bracket
TIMPC enclosure
TEC binding posts
Power handling
Frequency response
46Hz – 20kHz
High-frequency driver
19 mm (0.75-), silk dome
Swivel mount
Bass-Midrange driver
133 mm (5.25-), polypropylene
Dimensions (H x W x D or Dia x D)
19.6 x 7.5 cm
Cutout Dimensions (H x W or Dia)
8 mm
Minimum Mounting Depth
7.5 cm
1 kg / pc.

Taga Harmony

Product Type

In Ceiling Speaker


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The TAGA name comes from the first letters of the company tagline: TAchieve Glorious AcousticsIt says everything about the people behind the brand, their passion, devotion, philosophy and constant striving to perfection. It is the brand’s DNA.It means that everything what they design, engineer or build has one goal in mind:  to provide the best sound and joy to music lovers around the World. HARMONY - is a strong basis for the logotype to emphasize that on every step all products are created in harmony with nature.The icon in front of the logotype refers to the shape of the acoustic wave, clearly identifying our relationship with sound and music.