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More bass! More fun!

TSW-210 is a-10- single driver subwoofer-with a built-in high-current amplifier-and utilizing slotted bass port on the rear.

The TSW-210-utilizes a totally new amplifier and power board-structure and a new woofer.

The totally new built-in amplifier delivers high power output and is characterized by much better-efficiency-and greater current drive which results in low distortions, smooth and flat response and fast amp operation with significantly reduced operation noises. An integrated clipping limiter maintains the best performance and safe operation of the amp and woofer even at extremely high-volume levels.

The new bass driver-can operate in higher amplitude ranges and to faster react on any changes in the audio signal structure.

Removable IEC type power cord provides good power supply filtering and stability and is an easy option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.

The TSW subwoofers deliver the most powerful, deep bass with staggering definition, location and dynamics never met at this price level before. They are the absolute best buy in subwoofers!

DesignActive subwoofer, 1 driver
TLIE enclosureAmplifier power200W RMS
600W Dynamic Peak
Class A/B
Frequency response28Hz – 200HzBassreflexSingle, rear, slottedBass driver255 mm (10-), paper
6ohmCrossover filter frequency35Hz – 150Hz (variable)Phase regulation0-, 180-Inputs1 x Line-level (L/R)
1 x SUB (LFE)
1 x High-levelFeatures / accessoriesAuto On/Off

Single RCA-RCA Subwoofer Cable
Removable IEC power cordAC power / power consumption220V-240V 50/60Hz, 200W / <0.5W (Standby Mode)Dimensions (H x W x D)38.2 x 33 x 41.6 cm (incl. feet)Weight18.5 kg / pc.


Subwoofer cabinet design and built-quality is one of the most critical elements influencing sound performance.

We have developed-TLIE-(Taga Low Interference Enclosures) cabinets to increase stiffness and limit any unwanted resonances of the enclosure. The TLIE cabinets are built with high density and quality MDF boards and stand on solid feet which provide good isolation from the floor.

The beveled top side edges not only look modern and eye-catching but also play a significant role in lowering unwanted vibrations, diffraction, turbulences and standing waves effect, which can negatively affect subwoofer-s sound performance.

Acoustic damping material used inside enclosures eliminates problem of internal standing waves.

Carefully selected high quality vinyl finishes are very durable, elegant, imitate natural wood texture and are very pleasant in touch. The vinyl finishes are neatly applied to cabinets using precise machinery to provide the best looks.


1. T-YOKE / Pole piece
2. Oversized ferrite magnet
3. Top plate
4. Terminal
5. Rigid metal chassis with anti-oxidation surface process
6.-ASV bobbin copper wire voice coil
7. Spider
8. Paper cone and rubber surround
9. Paper dust cap

Paper cone woofers are equipped with ferrum injection-molded chassis, oversized -156 (TSW-212) / -140 (TSW-210) magnets and heavy-duty voice coils.
The cone and dust cap are very light and rigid allowing for fast and easily motion. -Elastic rubber surround offers extended cone excursion, which results in increased speed and range.
The driver design supports high power handling and provides deep, strong, precise and detailed bass.

Low-turbulence and high-velocity rear slotted port provides exceptional dispersion of low frequencies and is-located very close to the floor.

High Current Amplifier utilizes very well designed boards layout and high quality components to provide reliability and the highest possible bass quality.
An integrated clipping limiter maintains the best performance and safe operation of the amp and woofer even at extremely high volume levels.
High quality copper wire toroidal power transformer provides stable energy which is available at all power levels.


Taga Harmony

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The TAGA name comes from the first letters of the company tagline: TAchieve Glorious AcousticsIt says everything about the people behind the brand, their passion, devotion, philosophy and constant striving to perfection. It is the brand’s DNA.It means that everything what they design, engineer or build has one goal in mind:  to provide the best sound and joy to music lovers around the World. HARMONY - is a strong basis for the logotype to emphasize that on every step all products are created in harmony with nature.The icon in front of the logotype refers to the shape of the acoustic wave, clearly identifying our relationship with sound and music.
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